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Grain Division

Maplehurst takes pride in our ability to service our customers. Experienced merchandisers are eager to help you make informed decisions when it comes to marketing your grain with a number of tools at their disposal. We are consistently updating our multiple locations to provide a close outlet for you to deliver your grain and to make your delivery experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Maplehurst is ever changing to meet your needs and provide you with the best service around. Your local elevator manager is waiting for your call to discuss your marketing plans. Thank you for your business.


Ty Unangst
Grain Merchandiser
Phone: (815) 562-8723


Ron Darin
Grain Quality Inventory
Product Manager
Phone: (815) 562-8723


Mark McCartney
Grain Superintendent
Phone: (815) 562-8723


Jerry Cowan
Grain Marketing Specialist
Crop Insurance Agent
Commodity Broker
Cell (815) 440-7247


Mark Rhoads
Grain Marketing Specialist
(815) 824-2325


Bill Kozeal
Grain Marketing Specialist
(815) 246-2018


Kindra Leffelman
Grain Marketing Specialist
(815) 857-3523


Dale Adkisson
Grain Marketing Specialist
Commodity Broker
Cell (815) 901-6543


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